Evaluation of Arc Quenching Ability for a Gas by Combining 1-D Hydrokinetic Modeling and Boltzmann Equation Analysis


A time-saving method is proposed to evaluate the arc quenching ability for a gas by combining the 1-D hydrokinetic modeling and Boltzmann equation analysis. In this method, the arc decaying process is divided into three stages, i.e., thermal recovery, predielectric recovery, and postdielectric recovery stages. The parameters, namely, thermal recovery rate, predielectric recovery rate, and postdielectric recovery rate are calculated to feature the characteristics of the corresponding stages. By using these parameters different gases are easy to be compared. We demonstrate this method by comparing the arc quenching performance of SF6, CO2, CF4, and air. It is found that the orders of the arc quenching ability for the four gases in different stages are as follows: 1) thermal recovery stage: SF6 > CF4 > CO2 > air; 2) predielectric recovery stage: SF6 >CO2 > CF4 > air; and 3) postdielectric recovery stage: SF6 > CF4 > air > CO2 .

IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science