Thermodynamic properties and transport coefficients of high-temperature CO2 thermal plasmas mixed with C2F4


This paper is devoted to the calculation of fundamental properties of CO2 mixed with C2F4. The species composition and thermodynamic properties (mass density, entropy, enthalpy and specific heat at constant pressure) are based on Gibbs free energy minimization. The transport properties (electrical conductivity, viscosity and thermal conductivity) are calculated by the well-known Chapman-Enskog method. The Lennard-Jones like phenomenological potential and some recently updated transport cross sections are adopted to obtain collision integrals. The calculation is developed in the temperature range between 300 and 306500065K, for a pressure between 1 to 16 bar and for several C2F4 proportions. Transport coefficients for CO2 are also compared with previous published values, and the reasons for discrepancies are analyzed. The results obtained for CO2–C2F4 mixtures provide reliable reference data for the simulation of switching arcs in CO2 circuit breakers with the ablation of PTFE.

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics